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Welcome to Troop 316 - Springfield Ohio


Boy Scout Troop 316 is located in Springfield Ohio and meets every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30pm at Fellowship Christian Church on Valley Loop Road.

Troop 316 was first chartered to Fellowship Christian Church on July 21st 1991.  Our troop meeting time is on Wednesday nights beginning at 7:00pm and ending at 8:30pm at 2301 Valley Loop Road, Springfield, Ohio 45504.  

Our intent is to develop self-sufficiency in the individual Scout and leadership in the Troop through concentration on instructing and mastering the Scout skills contained in the requirements through First Class, and to teach advanced outdoor and life skills through a variety of outdoor experiences, combined with exposure to as many outdoor, vocational, and avocational experiences through the Merit Badge Program as possible.

We strive for the Scout to accept his individual and Troop responsibilities so he can mature in his Scouting skills.  Through numerous activities we encourage team building skills and encourage advancement in the Scouting ranks to Eagle Scout and active participation in the merit badge program.

Our KEY GOAL is to prepare Scouts for the future.

Chartered Organization Rep:  Paul Andras
Scoutmaster:  Jeff Smith
Asst Scoutmaster:  Michal Andras
Asst Scoutmaster:  Marty Compton
Asst Scoutmaster:  Bryan Dabe
Asst Scoutmaster:  David Doman
Asst Scoutmaster:  Justin Erne
Asst Scoutmaster:  Dale Evans
Asst Scoutmaster:  Scott McDaniel
Asst Scoutmaster:  Shannon Moerch
Asst Scoutmaster:  Todd Scaggs
Asst Scoutmaster:  Paul Smedley
Asst Scoutmaster:  Archer Thomas
Asst Scoutmaster:  Keith Williams
Asst Scoutmaster:  
Asst Scoutmaster:  

Committee Chairman:  Paul Williams
Secretary:  Julia Harter
Treasurer:  Elaine Roberts
Committee Member:  Chris Bowsman
Committee Member:   Bartley Davis
Committee Member:   John DeWeese
Committee Member:    Kathy DeWeese
Committee Member:  John Dietsch
Committee Member:   Kenny Eitel
Committee Member:   Steve Estep
Committee Member:   Wilma Hicks
Committee Member:  David Steen
Committee Member:  Adam Stumpf
Committee Member:  
Committee Member:  
Committee Member:  
Committee Member:  

In addition to these officers, the Troop has numerous adults who volunteer their time to offer valuable assistance to many activities and meetings.